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About Bayou Vista Films

Bayou Vista Films is the film production company of Nivien Saleh. That’s Yours Truly.

So a bit about me.

Born and raised in Germany, I earned a Ph.D. in political science at American University in Washington, DC, then served as a professor at a number of universities. I taught, authored a book (Third World Citizens and the Information Technology Revolution, with Palgrave McMillan), and published scholarly articles.

After a few years I realized that my passion for photography and film exceeded my interest in statistics. This caused me to change course, leave academia and become a filmmaker.

Until then my life had felt nomadic – with moves back and forth between Germany, the United States, and the Middle East. All that travel gave me a strong desire to grow roots. 

By that time Houston had become my home. It was, so to speak, the soil into which I wanted to grow. To develop my sense of place, I learned about Texas ecology – through the Native Plant Society of Texas and the Texas Master Naturalist program  among others. And I learned the craft of film by volunteering for those groups.

The films I make today need not filled with flowers and bugs. Most, in fact, aren’t.

But what’s important is that in one way or other they support our ecosystem.

This does sound very serious. But as you can see from the attached video, I also have fun with my films.

To learn more about what I do, head over to my podcast Houston and Nature, and listen to a recent episode!

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